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Cat Fight: Catwoman vs. Black Cat

Two feline femme fatales, both these vicious vixens have had relationships with their heroic nemesis Batman and Spider-Man. So, what would happen if these two got their claws on each other? Find out after a little background on their abilities, weapons and weaknesses in another versus feature! Catwoman Catwoman Abilities Catwoman doesn't have any superpowers but she has been taught plenty of skills including stealth, athletics, hot-wiring, lock-picking, thieving and acrobatics. She also trained in the martial arts under the tutelage of the Armless master and learned boxing and street-fighting from Wildcat. Thanks to her stealthier skills she is proficient at low- and high-tech heists and is considered to be the best "cat" burglar in Gotham. Her love of cats almost seems to have supernatural qualities since in some comics cats have been seen helping her as if they can sense when she needs them and automatically know she's a friend – she's even had tigers on her side before whose sharp teeth could come in handy... Also, Selina's seductive prowess has been known to get her out of a jam or two and has helped her get a lot – including billionaire Bruce Wayne's heart. Weapons Catwoman's whip Most of Selina's costumes have included retractable metal claws on the fingertips of her gloves and on the toes of her boots. Her claws are able to shred bulletproof vests and she can use them to climb up buildings. Catwoman's favorite weapon is her twelve foot long bullwhip. She's also used bolas, elastic ties for binding people's hands and feet, a role of duct tape to gag her enemies and an American derringer model 1, a pistol which she kept as a backup. Her older carnations also featured a cat-themed car known as the "cat-illac." Weaknesses Catwoman doesn't have any powers so she isn't invulnerable: cut her and she'll bleed. Though some carnations of her (like her Batman Returns film counterpart) seem to literally have nine lives, but let's be fair and say she's just a human with a cat fetish and not the other way around. Her affinity for cats and strays in general also sometimes results in her rushing into battle, her emotions clouding her judgment. Black Cat Black Cat Abilities Originally Black Cat, like Catwoman, had no superpowers. Like DC's cat thief, Black Cat is a highly skilled martial artist (specifically Goju-ryu Karate and Judo), a top athlete and gymnast and had a real taste for cat burglary. She even tried to become a heroine when she began to care for Spider-Man, just like Catwoman has (on and off again) when she began to care for Batman. However, both women often go back to their thieving ways. To aide in her career as a cat burglar, Black Cat is an expert in stealth, lock picking, escapology, evading and detecting alarms and cracking open safes. She is an Olympic level athlete and is strong physically and is very durable. For a short period of time, however, Black Cat did develop super powers. She had the ability to cause others around her bad luck (dubbed "probability field manipulation" since it caused improbable events to occur to people around her) which was originally removed by Doctor Strange because the bad luck was affecting her loved ones and Strange found out if she stayed around a person for too long they could die. But then Black Cat mysteriously regained her ability to cause other's bad luck and she now has more control over it. Black Cat probability power Ironically when Doctor Strange "removed" Black Cat's bad luck he caused her body to mutate and she developed even more super abilities including superhuman reflexes, infrared eyesight which allowed her to see in the dark, enhanced strength, retractable claws and she could smell pheromones like an animal. Unfortunately, Black Cat lost this super powered advantage when the Chameleon hit her with a device that he'd originally designed to take away Spider-Man's powers. Also, like Catwoman, Black Cat did manage to worm her way into everyone's friendly neighborhood arachnid, so her beauty is another factor that has gotten her out of trouble before. Weapons After she lost her powers, Black Cat decided to get her "edge" back by buying enhanced equipment from the Tinkerer. She had a new and improved black cat costume which had micro-servos that gave Black Cat peak human strength, allowing her to lift up to 800 pounds. It also gave her superhuman speed allowing her to sprint up to 40 miles per hour. Another quality of the suit is it's extremely tight and can be a distraction to Black Cat's enemies because it shows off a lot of her cleavage. I'm not even joking, Comic Vine agrees with me. Black Cat fights Black Cat also got specially designed earrings which allow her to keep her balance when she is climbing walls and rooftops and contact lenses which allowed her to see a range of the electromagnetic spectrum allowing her to get back a form of her infrared vision. Also, Black Cat has one more new toy that Catwoman would call copy cat on – retractable claws on the tips of her fingers that can tear through most materials (bulletproof vest anyone?) and climb walls. Black Cat also has a grappling hook designed by her father Walter hidden in her gloves. She uses the grappling hook to swing from buildings and sometimes walks across it like a tightrope. She's also used the hook in combat. Plus, unlike Catwoman's outdated "cat-illac," Black Cat uses a motorcycle with a cat design (though Catwoman has used motorcycles before). Weaknesses Black Cat doesn't have superpowers on Superman's level. She can be killed with a bullet. She also has loved ones she cares for and that, despite her thievish nature, she could let her emotions get the better of her – just like Catwoman. Cat Fight Cat Fight A beautiful diamond encrusted cat statue is on display at a museum in New York. Unfortunately for the two women who are currently staring each other down, they don't like to share. So, canines bared, the two launch headfirst at each other. If either cat had decided to make the first move, the result would have been the same since they both surmise the other is a low-life copycat (no play on words intended). In this scenario, Black Cat's overconfidence causes her to strike out first. She opens with some of her basic judo moves. Catwoman, in retaliation, uses a few of her boxing skills to combat Black Cat's judo and then retaliates with some dirty – but effective – street fighting moves as she catches Black Cat off guard and slightly slashes up her costume, hurting Black Cat's advantage. But not entirely. Something Selina couldn't affect was Black Cat's probability power. Selina's fighting slowly becomes a lot more sloppy and she has the "bad luck" of missing Black Cat over and over again until finally, using the remaining power she has left in her suit, Black Cat gets in a powerful punch to the face and knocks out Catwoman. Black Cat almost lost this fight by starting the fight and getting her suit slashed up. However, her "bad luck" managed to get the better of Catwoman. Without her powers however, Black Cat would have lost to Catwoman's slick tactics in hand-to-hand combat. Cat Fight 2 Regardless of the winner, however, after their cat fight (and Selina regains consciousness), the girls should hit the mall – during closing time, of course. Really, these two are so similar I could see them teaming. Until the end when they claw each other in the back. Don't think Black Cat would win? Tell me who you think would win and why in the comments below! For more battles, check out the features below: Green Arrow vs. Hawkeye Raven vs. Emma Frost Aquaman vs. Namor the Sub-Mariner Captain America vs. The Punisher Doctor Strange vs. Doctor Fate    


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