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CBGB Sells Out – Irony Found!

It's words you never thought you'd hear, CBGB SELLS OUT! Shocking, punk rocking, comic series CBGB #1 and #2 has sold out everywhere! Couldn't get your hands on a copy? Don't fret. These rebel tales return in the rock compendium CBGB trade paperback on sale November 17, 2010. So don't miss your ticket to the year's most eclectic and electrifying music experience with the CBGB trade paperback.

CBGB, the most legendary name in alternative music, rocks comics like never before! The CBGB trade paperback compiles epic tales of love, music, heartbreak, confusion and rebellion as told by some of today's hottest writers and artists including: Grammy-nominated Scissor Sisters songstress Ana Matronic, Academy Award®-nominee Kim Krizan (BEFORE SUNRISE, BEFORE SUNSET), Jesse Blaze Snider (GROWING UP TWISTED), Kieron Gillen (PHONOGRAM, UNCANNY X-MEN), Kelly Sue Deconnick (30 DAYS OF NIGHT: EBEN & STELLA, OSBORN), Sam Humphries (FRAGGLE ROCK), Eisner-winning artist Chuck BB (BLACK METAL, SECRET SKULL) and many more!

CBGB TPB CoverSince its debut critics across the board have given praise to sensational CBGB comic series:

“It's a comic that's definitely worth owning, and one that you can be certain is still going to be as relevant and enjoyable a decade from now as it is today... 5 Stars” – Comic Book Resources

“Rock historians and comics fans alike are well-served... A-”
– The Onion A.V. Club

“Buy the book. You'll read it and enjoy it... Rating: 9/10” – Pop Matters”

"...a brave experiment... BOOM! has a winner on their hands here..."
– Major Spoiler

“... part history lesson, part homage and all nostalgic admiration... a comic like this is for anyone” – Pop Culture Network

"If you are a fan of punk... or just a fan of really good comics, go pick up... CBGB from your friendly, neighborhood comic book store. Now. Rating: 5 / 5 Stars"
– Fandomania"

The CBGB trade paperback features a cover by legendary Jaimer Hernandez (LOVE & ROCKETS) and is written by Ana Matronic, Kim Krizan, Jesse Blaze Snider, Kieron Gillen, Kelley Sue Deconnick, Sam Humphries, Mr. Sheldon, Robert Steven Williams & Louise Staley, R. Eric Lieb with an eclectic array of art by Chuck BB, Marc Ellerby, Mr. Sheldon, Rob G, Dan Duncan, Toby Cypress, Giorgio Pontrelli and David Crosland. CBGB trade paperback ships November 17, 2010 and carries a Diamond code of SEP100895 with an ISBN13: 9781608860241. 


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