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CCP unveils details for DUST 514

Fan's of the massively online space game EVE online have long been awaiting news on CCP Games next project "DUST 514". At Sony's E3 Press Conference this year, CCP unveiled details of the games release. 

While EVE is massively multiplayer online space simulator for the PC, Dust 514 is a large scale online planetary warfare first person shooter in which players take control of DUST mercenaries the players of EVE online hire to conquer territories on planets. CCP promises that the actions and performance of players in DUST 514 will have a tangible impact on the players of EVE Online and vice-versa. 


DUST 514 is set to be digitally distributed through the PSN and will be supported via microtransactions.
Player will be able to buy new weapons, battle gear and vehicles using the games in-game currency as well as real world dollars. This payment structure for the game is a bit risky but CCP have proved themselved to be very capable of keeping an online game balanced in the past.
Whether the game will be free to play is unconfirmed and CCP are still tight-lipped about whether PC gamers will ever get the chance to play DUST 514.

CCP are promising more details in the near future and it will be very interesting to see how exactly the world of DUST 514 interacts with EVE Online.


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