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Champions Online Now Free To Play

The Superhero MMO, Champions Online is now free-to-play.  You'll be able to access just about all of the content in this rock 'em sock 'em super slugfest for the low price of nothing!  After a year and a half of charging a monthly subscription fee to all players, the game is now divided into Silver Accounts which are the free-to-play members, and Gold Accounts which is the new term for paying a monthly $14.99 fee.

The Silver Accounts have access to just about everything in the game, and can level up to LVL 40.  They have the option to buy premium content which will give access to more character customization and "Adventure Packs" that provide special themed missiones.  Silver players can upgrade to the Gold subscription which grants full character progression and access to all of the Adventure Packs.  There's also a monthly bonus of Cryptic points for in-game shops to anyone who uses the Gold Subscription. Players who are already subscribed to the game are upgraded to gold members.

You can learn more about the game by checking out our recent interview with the game's Executive Producer Shannon Posniewski.  You can see more about the difference between the Silver and Gold subscriptions, or download the game at the Champions website


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