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Character Affinity: Catwoman

First appearing as a cat-burglar known as the Catwoman in Batman #1 who has had a relationship with Batman, Selina Kyle is currently trying to reform.  Selina may only be reformed because of Zatanna's mind swipe of her in Identity Crisis. In her original origin story, Selina was the daughter of Brian and Maria Kyle who was frequently abused by her drunkard husband.  To get away from their fighting Selina practiced gymnastics, the reason for her stealthy abilities used in both robberies and crime-fighting.  Her mother committed suicide one day by slitting her wrists and her father died of alcohol poisoning.   Selena then became a runaway and a prostitute while masquerading as a thief by night.  On a heist her valuable item was taken from her by a ninja.  She followed the ninja and after witnessing her fighting abilities she was accepted into a martial arts school.  Then when she saw Batman fighting in Robinson park she thought she could be a costumed fighter too and became Catwoman. Selina’s golden age origin stated she was a flight attendant that was hit in the head and got amnesia.  She then turned to a life of crime but eventually reformed and told Batman her amnesia was a lie.  Then Selina’s origin was transformed again.  She turned to a life of crime after having an abusive husband, but married Bruce Wayne in the ‘50s and gave birth to Helena Wayne better known as the vigilante Huntress from the Birds of Prey.  In this version Catwoman was also a murderer and eventually due to continuity issues, a new version of Selena (the modern version) was created.  In the modern version Selina pretended to be a prostitute in order to steal peoples’ money and in her travels met Holly Robinson.  Returning (partly) to the silver age in the modern age Catwoman gave birth to Helena (who's father is Sam Bradley rather than Bruce Wayne) and made Holly Robinson the new Catwoman, but Selina later resumed the mantle.  In "Heart of Hush", Hush literally took Selina’s heart removing it from her body, but it was later returned to her by Batman.  Her sister would not fare as well as her after an attack by Black Mask. Selena’s sister (Maggie Kyle) was a nun who’s husband and herself were kidnapped by the Black Mask in an attempt to get at Catwoman.  He cut out her husband’s eyes and forced Maggie to eat them.  She was later rescued, but when she saw Black Mask again during his return in Blackest Night she began to blame Catwoman for everything that happened to her.  She thought she was possessed by a demon and continues to hunt her sister to ‘purify’ her. Selina is currently a member of the Gotham City Sirens along with Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy and is helping Bruce Wayne find other Batmen in Batman Inc.  She found out he was Batman and has threatened numerous times to reveal his identity.  Selina has also helped Katrina Falcone, daughter of the notorious mob boss who later became Catgirl. Selina does not have superpowers, but is very athletic, fast, has quick reflexes, and a love for cats and the Bat.  Her main weapons are her claws and whip.


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