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Character Affinity: Maggie Kyle (Sister of Catwoman)

Maggie Kyle is Selina Kyle’s (A.K.A. Catwoman’s) younger sister and a nun.  She moved to the West Coast, negatively effecting her relationship with Selina.  Eventually she met Simon Burton and they were married.  He was transferred to Gotham, helping Maggie reignite her sisterhood with Selina.  Unfortunately, shortly after reuniting with her sister Maggie and her husband were kidnapped by the Black Mask in an attempt to get back at Selina.  She was later saved by Catwoman but not before she was forced to eat her husband’s eyes.  He died and she snapped, going to a mental institution.  She later ran away when she saw Black Mask again after his return in Blackest Night and blamed Selina for everything she had been through. Maggie began to believe her sister Selina was possessed by a cat demon and contacted an exorcist known as Sister Agatha.  She went insane when seeing her cat and killed both the cat and Sister Agatha as well.  After killing her, Maggie went through her things and she accidentally broke a vial that released an ‘angel.’  He told her he wanted to help her kill the demon in her sister.  She took various weapons from Sister Agatha’s house and set out to kill her sister.  The ‘angel’ also gave her more strength and agility and the ability to possess people.  She failed in her attempt to kill her sister and disappeared.  She is currently still at large.  To read it for yourself, pick up a copy of issues 12 and 13 of Gotham City Sirens. https://www.entertainmentfuse.com/images/maggie kyle1.jpg 


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