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Character Affinity: Marrina

Marrina Smallwood is a yellow-skinned woman that was a
member of the alien race known as the Plodex.  She is also a member of Alpha Flight.  She has many aquatic abilities and
managed to capture the heart of the Sub-Mariner.

The Birth of Marrina

The Plodex were an alien race obsessed with dominating every
planet.  To dominate these planets
the Plodex would send their eggs to their designated target – in Marrina’s
case, her designated target was a little planet called Earth.  When Marrina’s egg was discovered after
being underwater for 40,000 years by local fisherman Thomas Smallwood,
Marrina hatched.  The egg had
come into contact with Thomas’ wife Gladys beforehand and the creature that
hatched from the egg took on the combined traits of the underwater habitat it
had lived in and Gladys’ feminine genes.
The result: Marrina.  Gladys
and Thomas adopted Marrina and raised her like a daughter along with their son
Dan.  Dan fell in love with Marrina
but never told her and was left in disarray when he heard Marrina left for
Atlantis with Namor, better known as the Sub-Mariner.

Marrina by a poolNamor
and Marrina

Namor invited Marrina to come to Atlantis as a friend but
the two fell in love.  Their love
was challenged when Marrina became a feral creature due to her Plodex heritage
and she attacked and almost killed Namor and Puck.  Marrina pretended to be dead so Namor would leave without
her out of the fear she would revert back to a monster and hurt her
beloved.  She left and isolated
herself because of this fear but later returned to become Namor’s queen. 

Death By True Love’s

When Namor became a member of the Avenger’s, Marrina helped
him on various missions and became pregnant with his child.  Her pregnancy mixed with her alien DNA
and made her become Leviathan.
Namor had to kill Marrina with Black Knight’s Ebony Blade.  Despite her death, Namor discovered
several eggs created by Marrina that had hatched.  Presumably some of her children escaped into the sea.

Marrina as Leviathan Marrina a.k.a. Huge fish with pointed teeth ready for an afternoon snack…

Marrina is often associated with being a member of Alpha
Flight but was only in twenty-one issues of Alpha Flight’s original
series.  She formed a friendship
with Puck and was portrayed as a very kind, caring and timid woman.  She has recently been resurrected in
Chaos War: Alpha Flight and will appear in the upcoming
Alpha Flight mini-series.

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