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Character Affinity: Poison Ivy

Better known as the scantily-clad-in-leaves Poison Ivy, Pamela Lillian Isley is dedicated to the plants she swears to protect from man.  She first appeared in 1966 in Batman #181, a deadly foe and one of Batman’s few female villains at the time.  Poison Ivy First The modern Poison Ivy is known for her cold-heartedness and lack of affection toward any other human-beings except her close friend Harley Quinn.  However, her original origin story involves her love for crime boss Marc Legrande.  He coerced Pamela to help him steal an artifacts and afraid she would tell people after they committed the crime he attempted to poison her with the contents from inside the stolen artifact. Instead of killing her the artifact made her immune to all poisons, including Joker’s poisonous gas that he uses on his adversaries to put a smile on their faces.  She later shared her immunity of poisons and extra strength with Harley Quinn when she gave her a potion to help her regain her strength.   Poison Ivy was given a new origin after "Crisis on Infinite Earths."  Similar to Legrande in her original origin, she was seduced by her professor in biochemistry, Dr. Jason Woodrue (also known as FloronicMan), who later exposed her to a poison. This poison caused her to gain her plant-like abilities, which also drove her insane and made her infertile.  After Woodrue left her, she found a new boyfriend who died in an accident.  After the incident, Pamela moved to Gotham where she gave into her insanity and created the guise of Poison Ivy reeking havoc on the unsuspecting Gothamites.  After her first attempt when she was captured by Batman she got an obsession for him because he was the only man she could not control.    Poison Ivy went through quite a fashion change.  Originally, she wore a strapless bathing suit covered with leaves and nylon stockings.  Today, she wears nothing more than a bathing suit made completely of leaves and no stockings.  She is currently a member of the Gotham City Sirens with Harley Quinn and Catwoman.  Her relationship with Catwoman has been a little rocky in the past… All of Ivy’s powers are plant-based as a result of the plant toxin injected by Woodrue.  Simply touching her could poison a person and she can control all plant life.  She can also hear plants, communicating with them in the same way as the Swamp Thing (Alec Holland) who has sometimes been shown in comics as her old lab partner.    


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