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Character Affinity: Shaman

Originally from a family of Sarcee Indian ancestry that practiced the trade of mysticism, Michael Twoyoungmen is a founder of Alpha Flight and was recently resurrected during the Chaos War. Origin of the Medicine Man  Michael Twoyoungmen originally did not want to follow his ancestry of sorcery.  Instead Michael became a sergeant and physician, using the laws of science to treat and heal others.  After the tragic death of his wife, Michael left his daughter and isolated himself by living in a forest until he met the spirit of his grandfather.  His grandfather, the chief medical shaman of his tribe, gave Michael his bag that was the Twoyoungmen’s source of power.  This “medicine pouch” contains a seemingly unlimited amount of potions and mystic elements allowing Shaman to perform numerous acts of magic with deadly results to his enemies and aide to his allies Alpha Flight's Michael Twoyoungmen a.k.a. Shaman Shaman Takes Flight The introduction of the medicine pouch began Michael’s journey to becoming Shaman.  He trained in the forest and learned to be at peace with nature.  He met James Hudson, the leader of Alpha Flight Guardian.  Michael was the first member James recruited for his superhero team Alpha Flight.  Shaman continued to remain a member even after Alpha Flight was disbanded by the government.               Prodigal Daughter Michael Twoyoungmen’s past came back to haunt him early on during Alpha Flight’s first series when his daughter Elizabeth visits him after being abandoned by him at the age of four after her mother’s death.  After discovering the mystic origins of a skull his daughter found during an excavation, Michael and his daughter had to fight a demon.  When the fight was over Shaman gave his daughter permission to remove the Coronet of Enchantment from his medicine pouch. Elizabeth put the Coronet on her head and gained various abilities, including the power to control the forces of nature.  She called herself Talisman.  Unfortunately she faced the unpleasant side effect of being unable to remove the Coronet without terrible pain another gift from dear old dad.  Talisman feels bad about feeling sorry for herself and the destruction the coronet has caused. Shaman was killed along with other Alpha Flight teammates, Vindicator and Guardian, during Alpha Flight’s battle with The Collective.  He was recently resurrected in Chaos War: Alpha Flight and will be reuniting with his team in an Alpha Flight mini-series linking with the Marvel "Fear Itself" event. If you’re interested in Alpha Flight (or a cute aquatic face) check out Character Affinity: Marrina


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