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Character Affinity: Snowbird

Snowbird is one of the original members of Alpha Flight, created by John Byrne and Chris Claremont, and first appeared in X-Men #120. She has a slew of powers and is an Inuit Demi-God.  Nelvanna: Goddess of the Northern Lights After the Gods of the North were exiled, they needed a champion to fight off their long-time enemies, the Great Beasts. The goddess of the Northern Lights, Nelvanna, decided to go to Earth and came back with Richard Easton, whom she chose to mate with. After becoming pregnant from Easton, Nelvanna returned him to Earth. When Easton returned, he quickly learned that nine years had passed since he had been gone, despite it only feeling like a few hours to him. He quickly went insane.  Enter the Medicine Man Snowbird transforms into a polar bear Right before giving birth, Nelvanna requested Dr. Michael Twoyoungmen (Shaman) to care for her child.  He accepted, and named the child Narya.  Narya grew at an accelerated rate. Shaman taught her how to use her powers and raised her as if she was his own daughter.  Narya has the ability to transform into numerous large animals including a bear, wendigo and wolverine.  If she remains in the form of an animal too long, however, she begins to develop mental issues and begins to negatively act out the animal she is impersonating.  Her special powers include: detect evil and magical beings, look into the past six hours of events that occurred on whatever land she is standing on, powers of precognition, increased stamina, super strength and flight, have “Healing Glow” abilities to heal herself and the mental power to get others to help her in a fight.  She also has good hand-to-hand combat skills which she learned from Wolverine and Puck, fellow members of Alpha Flight. But Narya was born unstable, causing Shaman to bind her to the Earth and give her a human form. He did not realize that binding her would force Narya to stay in Canada, causing her to become deathly ill. This side effect was first discovered by Shaman in Alpha Flight #12 during Alpha Flight’s grand battle with the renegade team Omega Flight.  Shaman saves Narya's health by unbinding her from the Earth and allowing her to leave Canada.  Joining Alpha Flight and Meeting Pestilence When the founders of Alpha Flight James MacDonald Hudson (the original Guardian) and his wife Heather visited Michael Twoyoungmen, they discovered Narya’s powers.  They invited her and Michael to join Alpha Flight, giving Michael the name Shaman and Narya the name Snowbird. Narya also took on the identity of a normal human girl, calling herself Anne McKenzie.  While working, she meets Doug Thompson.  They fell in love and got married.  Narya became pregnant and had a son who also aged at an accelerated rate like Narya. But a villain of Alpha Flight, Pestilence, was awoken, possessed her son and Thompson was given a fatal disease. When Narya found Pestilence with her husband, she killed her possessed son, and, going completely out of control, forced Vindicator to kill her.  The Gods were going to let her go to the afterlife and, after some insistence on Narya’s behalf, let her husband and child into the afterlife with her as well.                  Neooqtoq    In the Secret Invasion story arc, Narya aided Athena’s God-Squad to defeat the Skrull army. While on the God-Squad, Narya was in a fragile and lonely state and decided to sleep with Hercules to ease her pain.  She was later transformed into Neooqtoq the Ravager by the Skrulls and lost her mind.     Snowbird transforms into Neooqtoq the Ravager Snowbird appeared in the one-shot Alpha Flight: Chaos War, and witnessed the death of her mother Nelvanna.  She is in the new Alpha Flight mini-series and appeared in Alpha Flight #.1. To see more Alpha Flight team girl power, check out our Character Affinity on Marrina.  


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