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Character Affinity: Thunderstrike

You know what would be really cool, if Marvel would bring back Thunderstrike to the 616 universe. You read that correctly, I would like to see Thunderstrike back in the Marvel universe. For those of you who do not know, Thunderstrike was a character back in 90's that became Thor for a short time after his disappearance in the Marvel universe. Once Thor returned, Odin creates a new weapon calling it Thunderstrike hence the characters creation.

I know, not a lot of people enjoyed Thunderstrike, at best he's Thor-lite. But come on, Marvel has brought back other characters: Wonder Man, Mockingbird, Bucky, and WarMachine. Some of these characters were a great idea to bring back, others eh... not so much. But for some reason they're here to stay. So why not bring Thunderstrike back from the dead?

I think what makes Thunderstrike interesting is the fact that he had a son he cared for. Even when he dies for a second time he asks Thor to check up on his son. Why they decided to kill him and never bring him back always left me thinking. If Kevin Masterson (Thunderstrike's son) was added as the new Thunderstrike, Marvel could have a legacy for the character.                                           

A missed opportunity was Marvel's Civil War. With no Thor around they could have easily used Thunderstrike as a fill in and still have used him the way they did with Thor's clone. They could have even killed him a third time just as they did with the clone at the end of the Siege. It seems that Mark Millar also has no love for Thunderstrike.

You can consider this the ranting of a crazy comic book fan if you like, but I think that if used correctly, Thunderstrike could be just as interesting as Thor. There's a world of stories that could come out of this character. You can use him in Asgard, team him up with Beta Ray Bill and have them go around the galaxy for adventures, or you can continue the legacy from Father to Son. More than likely none of that will happen since Marvel introduced Valkyrie aka female Thor. Who knows, maybe some Thunderstrike fans will read this; pass it along and then all of the sudden, boom! Our prayers are answered and Thunderstrike is back! And guess who will run to their local comic book shop and buy a copy? This guy right here. As of right now, I can only dream.

Come on Marvel you know you want my $4.00. Get cracking on Thunderstrike.


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