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Charismagic #1 – Review

Welcome to Las Vegas; the home to sassy slots, sultry ladies, cheap buffets and the best shows on the planet. Charismagic happens to be one of those shows. Its main draw is a magician and entertainer by the name of Hank “The Magnificent” Medley. After leaving another Las Vegas audience astonished by his performance, Hank catches a glimpse of Hector, the man that taught him everything he knows. Afterward Hank and his girlfriend Alle have a bit of a fight. Alle is hurt by the lack of attention she's been getting. Bothered and distracted by seeing Hector at his show Hank ignores her. Alle becomes frustrated and storms out.

Meanwhile, a young mystery lady (Sudana) stops at a gas station to fill up her vehicle. Within moments of pumping gas she is met by two less than friendly truckers. They inquire if their assistance is needed and if they can give her a “lesson” or two. She shoots them a crusty look, complete with glowing eyes and all. Scared out of their minds, the two men run for their lives.

The next morning Hank shows up at Hector's place to talk about him being at the show last night. Hank questions his friends well-being due to the fact of his slovenly nature and dump of a house. Hector begins to tell him that he still has a lot to learn about real magic and an entirety called Samsun. A being of magic that is trapped in the core of our dimension and is plotting to get out. When he does, it could destroy the very fabric of dimension. Shaken by Hector's words, Henry attempts to continue with his daily routine.

In the English county of Wiltshire a tourist couple marvel the greatness of the prehistoric monument, Stonehenge. Soon the ground shakes and the rocks begin to shift as a massive energy force begins to build. As energy climaxes, it creates a gateway to free Samsun from the void realm. That very same moment in Vegas, Hank finishes up his magic show to see that everyone has vanished. He runs through the building and then to the streets. Everyone is gone, everyone but his talking black cat.

On a first read through Charismagic, it feels like something that should play on the CW or ABC Family or something. There's just something in the presentation that seems very familiar. Which isn't entirety a bad thing. That same feeling also comforts you into what the writer, Vince Hernandez is doing with this world. He has a likable character in Hank and has an interesting heroine in Sudana and a world with endless possibilities. When it comes to the art from an Aspen book (especially the skillful work on the ladies) if feel like there should be no need to mention it. Because it is always a beautiful treat and Charismagic is no expectation. The art by Khary Randolph and the colors Emilio Lopez are fantastic. Nothing looks rushed, everything is smooth with clean lines. It seems to be a comic book rule, Aspen equals awesome art.

First issues of comics are hard to always get right. You have the whole jump off for a narrative hanging in the balance. Botch easing the readers into the world and all is lost. Nail it and the book could run for years. Overall Carismagic is off to an interesting start. So if you like magic, hot ladies, Las Vegas (more like Lost Wages) and talking cats then Charismagic has got you more than covered.

Overall Score - 8.1/10



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