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Charlie Sheen Dead!!! Sort of…

Following mountains of cocaine, 7 gram rocks and a horde of loose women, Charlie Sheen had a little bit of a downward spiral in the last year. It’s not news to anyone with ears anymore, but his antics off the screen with his “goddesses” landed him out of a job on the CBS comedy titan Two and a Half Men. After a couple of months of speculation as to whether Sheen would return to the show or who might replace him, Ashton Kutcher was announced as his successor. The only question at that point was how exactly would Sheen suddenly be gone, and where on Earth did Ashton Kutcher’s character come from?

If anyone in the world still cared, TMZ is reporting that Charlie’s character Charlie will die. The exact method of his demise is as of yet unknown, with producer Chuck Lorre saying that the team is “throwing around a bunch of ideas.” The introduction of Kutcher’s character is said to be as a result of the death, with him becoming the new owner of the Harper’s house – although this remains unconfirmed as of yet.


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