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Check Out Max Payne’s Eight-Shot Revolver

Rockstar Games just released some video of their hard-boiled shooter Max Payne 3.  The vid shows off some of the firepower that Max will be using in his South American rampage later this year, and among the new weapons is an eight-shot revolver.  But the best thing about Max's new smoke wagon is that it's based on real weapon that you can buy and carry around.  For shooting bottles and cans.

The video shows Max using this powerful .357 magnum to punch holes through the bad guys he'll be taking on later this year.  A notable feature is that Max can dual wield a pair of these guns to rain down sixteen rounds of hot lead before needing to reload.

This boomstick is modeled after some real life killing machines such as the Tarus .608.  [Disclaimer:  Player Affinity in no way advises our readers to gear up with a pair of these and blast 357 caliber justice through the skulls of any criminal gang - even if they murdered your family].

Max Payne 3 comes out for Xbox and Playstation on May 15th, with the PC version arriving on May 29th.  More can be seen on Max's website.


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