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Check Out These New ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Images

All the studios—especially Warner Bros.—know the deal: your superhero movie is not a real superhero movie unless you give Entertainment Weekly an exclusive sneak peak. It's now The Dark Knight Rises' turn to do just that. The magazine has six new images (thanks to ComingSoon.net via Batman-News.com for the quality scans).

As you might have seen circulating the Internet the last day or so, the exclusive gives us our best look at Catwoman's (Anne Hathaway) full getup yet, as well as a first glance at Joseph Gordon-Levitt. We also get a look at Batman (Christian Bale) doing a promo for a new tablet as well as a different shot of Bane (Tom Hardy) in a scene we can only hope includes the dialogue "I am the 99 percent!"

The Dark Knight Rises can't rise soon enough. It comes out July 20.


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