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Chew #17 – Advanced Review

Out of most American people you find, sometimes you will come across strange people. Most Americans you meet/greet they won’t be as strange as – Tony Chu. Tony is cibopathic this means he can eat a piece of bacon and know what was used to kill the pig or he could eat fruit and get a totally different reaction. With this power Tony has used his ability to take a bite out of crime and helps the F.D.A. find mysterious criminals that have evaded the law. Written by John Laymen and illustrated by Rob Guillory.

Short Version

Tony and John go back to school and find out about a murder that occurred not only at school, but also in space!

Long Version

Chew #17 CoverIn the prologue American and Russian astronauts and cosmonauts are seen having a problem on their space station. Long story short the space station was blown up from within itself and the astronauts and cosmonauts were all killed. With the end of the prologue Tony and John are called to Francis Bacon High School to check out a mysterious killing. Before the two arrived, a simple food fight broke loose in the cafeteria. While the food fight was fun and interactive, it soon turned out to be a violent skirmish. This is where Tony and John come in. Finding dead bodies all over the cafeteria (including the ceiling) Tony gets evidence from licking blood on the floor. Finding out about a teenaged nerd named, Peter Pilaf, the two discover that the nerd was probably the cause of the violent food fight.

With the help of Olivia Chu (Tony Chu’s teenaged daughter) the group investigates more about Peter Pilaf and his mysterious attitude change. Tony and John find out from Olivia that Peter Pilaf had made some sort of secret food that made the girls go head-over-heals for him in home economics. The only way Olivia knew about this is because she was taking the cooking class, although she did deny that she wasn’t cooking because of her strange family history. When the two got what they needed, Tony and John are on their way to the Home Economics class. Finding a student that has been making the recipes to mind control girls into liking him, the kid decides to kill everyone in the room (and at least 100,000 people on the internet) with a single recipe. Having no choice but to surrender, Tony is out of options on how to stop so many people from dying. Thanks to Johns built in Bluetooth the duo take down the kid before people get killed.

Chew has been one of my favorite Image comics of all times. I don’t know if it is the wackiness of Chew that makes this book great, or the writer that creates each comedic story. Having created a new super power in any case is really hard, and I respect John Laymen’s work. He knows how to make Chew loveable without adding the twist of further adult content. Knowing the Image comic publishing, that is what each writer on every series has in some shape or way. John Laymen continues to write a really interesting series and while I know that very few have picked up Chew I strongly recommend reading this series

Rob Guillory is good artist. His work on the series gives the comic a realistic look. He makes everyone look and believe to be as believable or cartoony as each issue goes by. Rob has a certain art style that is different from other artist and the colors really help bring out the blood and comedic face expressions in the characters.

Chew #17 is the first issue of 2011 and has already started off great. Getting back into the Chew routine, the Chew team behind Tony’s series is really exciting and should be read by all Image fans.
Story – 9.0

Plot – 10

Characters – 9.2

Art – 8.5

Color – 9.5

Overall – 9.2



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