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Chew #18 – Advanced Review

Chew # 18 comes out this week. This time around we see the team in a variety of different suicide missions, all set up by their hateful Chief. We see that 18 months ago, Maison Savoy was investigating or had some knowledge about General Jontongjoo's avian flu bioweapon research. They decide then to do nothing because by the time he got that weapon functioning, some other fools had to deal with it. Guess who the fools are? None other than our main guy agent Chu and his partner John Colby.

Our heroes are sent to work with the USDA as a backup team holding a secret weapon. This weapon can not be released until "number two" hits the fan. In this issue we meet with a friend of Agent Lin Sae Woo, remember her? What we knew about her is that she knows a lot of ways to kick your ass, has a trained rat with a camera and well that was her... as for her friend she hates Chu because Lin Sae Woo got killed in a mission with him.

cover chewSo as expected the mission goes to hell and the the guys have to press the bottom to released the secret weapon. The secret weapon is none other than Poyo, a killer mutant rooster. Poyo was dosed with radiation and was a victim of an alien abduction and trained in all kinds of martial arts! Well that is all B.S. Poyo is just a kickass rooster. Poyo kills General Jontongjoo by ripping his heart out after the General shot the poor rooster.

That is how this chapter ends for this issue. It is a really fast read. Not a lot of back story just a rapid comedic action and a killer cock. The book is funny, the writing is quick and smart, the style of the art mixes well with the story as always. The world is rich in detail and has a cynical mundane attitude that at times gives the book a unique perspective. But at times the book can get old. Chu, must eat disgusting things to get ahead in a case or whatever strange food can be used for some weapon and of course there is something going on with chickens. Yes, this is one of the most original comics out there but if your story is based on a type of gimmick it can be hard to keep the freshness of the book from chapter to chapter.

Don't get me wrong I love this issue! It made me laugh but it is easy to see that the book needs to find new angles to keep it interesting in the long run. It would be good for the book to consider or re-think if they are going to continue for years or if they have a set issue run. Its like watching a TV show that you love and realizing that it is still good but not the same. Although the book is still good and funny I frankly do not see it as a year after year ongoing title, it should be a set issue run like Preacher or Sandman. And if it is, they should consider how long the title will run. Chew, should go out in a blaze of glory. If the team is not careful, the title, could be that show that it was so good until season 5 but after that they jump the shark. Hopefully they figure out how to keep it going, be we'll just have to wait and see.

Overall Score - 8.0/10     



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