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Child of Eden Gets a PS3 Date, Darkness II Pushed Back

A couple tidbits about games coming to the PS3 sooner or later: Q Entertainment's Child of Eden has a date in the US and 2K's The Darkness II has been pushed back to early next year.

Although you can already play it on Xbox 360, Eden now has a price and release date for the PS3 version. It will be out on September 20th for $50, which is cheaper than a standard current generation game but maybe a bit steep for one that's only supposed to last a couple hours. The 360 version didn't exactly sell like hotcakes, and I doubt it will do much better on PS3 without the hype of Kinect support behind it (though it will be Move compatible), but if you want to check it out you can in a couple months.

The Darkness II

Elsewhere, Digital Extreme's sequel to Starbreeze Studio's 2007 cult hit The Darkness was delayed from October 4th to next February, the 7th to be exact. Every year it seems like there's just a few too many notable games scheduled for the last few months on the calendar, and every year a handful of them end up getting pushed back, either just because they need more time to be just right or just to reduce the insane level of competition during the holiday season. I'm not sure which is the case here, though from what I saw coming out of E3, the game seemed like it could have used a bit more seasoning. In any case, you'll have to wait a few extra months to get your hands on it.


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