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Child’s Play Charity Kicks Off

Since 2003, Child's Play Charity has given sick children throughout North America the gift of video gaming every Christmas. They look to people just like you to be Santa and purchase new video games and toys for kids in need. In 2010, the charity continues their mission and extends their reach to more than 70 hospitals. Child's Play hopes to exceed last year's amazing donation of $1.7 million. To get started, just head over to their official website and click on any hospital. You will be forwarded to Amazon.com, which has all of the hospital addresses saved along with an easy to read wish list on the right-hand side that details how many of a game, book, movie or toy is desired and how many received. The selection is huge and accommodates whatever price point you are willing to spend. If picking something out is too time consuming, you can always make a quick $5 donation by texting GAMERS to 50555.

100% of all gifts and proceeds go directly to the partner hospitals and into the hands of the children that need it most. This is an opportunity to once again prove that gamers are the most generous people in the world.

For more information log on to www.childsplaycharity.org
you can also follow the charity on Facebook.com


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