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Chimichanga Hard Cover in September

As discussed in a recent interview with MTV:Geek, Dark Horse announced that it would be collecting the critically acclaimed self-published series Chimichanga, from The Goon creator Eric Powell. The three-issue series, released in 2010, recounts a traveling-circus adventure that could only come from the mind of comics’ favorite southern lord!

When Wrinkle’s Traveling Circus’s adorable little bearded girl trades a lock of her magic beard hair for a witch’s strange egg, she stumbles upon what could be the saving grace for her ailing freak show—the savory-named beast Chimichanga!

“I wanted to self publish my first new creator owned series since the Goon. However, when it came to putting together the collection, there was really only one option for me. I knew I couldn't match the design and production quality that my favorite publisher, Dark Horse Comics, could provide. I knew they would understand this quirky project and get behind it” said creator Eric Powell. “Plus, I couldn't be more thrilled to have my long time Goon color collaborator Dave Stewart adding a new dimension to this volume. My work is known for being edgy, so it's really rewarding for me to have Chimichanga, a book with a broad appeal, reaching a wider audience through Dark Horse. When people come up to me at cons and tell me how much they enjoyed reading it with their kids... that's the best.”

Chimichanga Cover
Featuring early sketches and concept art, and colored by Eisner Award–winning colorist Dave Stewart, this deluxe hardcover edition is an essential read for collectors and fans of all ages!

Chimichanga arrives on shelves September 28, carrying a $14.99 price tag.


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