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Cho Gets Savage with Wolverine

Aw, it's cute when he tries to look all tough and angry.That's right. The Marvel NOW! announcements are still rolling out. You knew Marvel Comics was going to milk this for all it's worth, right?

The latest news on the NOW! front has Frank Cho launching a new series titled Savage Wolverine. Cho will be pulling double duty as the book's writer and artist, and you can expect the first issue in January.

So the question is... what will make Cho's take on Wolverine so savage? The past decade has seen the character become so domesticated and civilized that Logan is pretty far from the crazed berserker he used to be. Hell, the guy's an Avenger and teacher now. He leads his own team of X-Men and an X-Force team on top of that. Apparently, the whole X-Men thing was even his idea! He's a loyal puppy dog now.

The answer is the Savage Land, which will serve as the setting for at least the first story arc. Savage refers to the setting more than it does the lead character. Coming along with the setting is Shanna the She-Devil, who will have something resembling a co-starring role with Wolverine as he is stranded and trying to survive. Strangely, Ka-Zar will somehow not be appearing. Will this be a plot point, and will he just be ignored so Logan and Shanna can have their alone time?

There is every indication right now that Cho is planning an extended stay on Savage Wolverine, but there are no details on his plans beyond the opening story arc. Despite what the title suggests, it seems like it would be difficult to base the whole series on Wolverine being stranded in the Savage Land. I mean, the guy does have a school to run and a handful of teams to serve on. But I wouldn't be surprised if circumstance somehow keep Shanna the She-Devil around for whatever adventures spin out of Wolverine's Savage Land vacation.

Poor Ka-Zar. Wolverine is as bad as Namor when it comes to trying to fun off with other guy's women.

Move, Wolverine. I'm trying to look at Shanna.

It's not over yet, though. Marvel still has announcements coming for "Amateurs" and "Superior."


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