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Chris Hemsworth Might Be Kristen Stewart’s “Huntsman”

Kristen Stewart has been attached to Universal’s Snow White and the Huntsman as the titular maiden for quite some time. Hugh Jackman and Viggo Mortensen were both in talks for the other title role, but negotiations fell through. After a brief lull in news on the feature, Deadline Hollywood relays that Chris Hemsworth, star of Marvel’s Thor, currently tops Universal’s list of contenders to play the huntsman.

His clout in the industry doesn’t match up to those of Jackman and Mortensen just yet, but the idea to cast him makes perfect sense. He definitely looks more like a brute huntsman than Depp or Mortensen, and he fits more into Stewart’s age range. That is, of course, if the part is written that way. The script appears to call for more of a "mentor" than a "love interest" for Snow White.

Either way, Thor has taken off very well internationally, and though Hemsworth's probably not the direct reason for the film’s fiscal success, he’s received very positive notices for his performance as the hero.


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