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Christian Bale Prepares For ‘The Deep Blue Goodbye’ Adaptation

The former Batman and current Moses is a busy man these days, and it looks like he's preparing to add yet another high-profile role to his already impressive resumé. According to Entertainment Cheat Sheet, Bale is currently in preliminary talks to star as Travis McGee in 20th Century Fox's adaptation of The Deep Blue Goodbye. Should he decide to sign on for the role, it would mark another pairing between he and director James Mangold, who also directed Bale in the 2007 action/Western movie 3:10 to Yuma. Christian-Bale-Voice For those not in the know, the character of Travis McGee originates from a series of 21 novels by author James D. MacDonald, the first being The Deep Blue Goodbye. The series essentially follows McGee, a salvage consultant, on various adventures through the dark spaces of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The character has previously been brought to the screen twice by actors Rod Taylor and Sam Elliot respectively. However, neither of those films performed as strongly as the good people over at 20th Century Fox hope this new adaptation might be. If all goes as planned, the new Bale flick should hit theaters sometime in next year or 2016.


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