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Christmas: ‘Tis The Season To… Slice Fruit?

Santa were a ninja – and we all know he really is – this is how he’d keep his
skills sharp in the slow summer months,” said Phil Larsen, the chief
marketing officer of Halfbrick, the studio behind Fruit Ninja Kinect.  Ne’er
a truer word has been spoken, as Halfbrick announced today the release of a
completely free piece of Christmas-themed DLC for the title, featuring
holiday-themed content such as a ‘Candy Cane Blade’ and a ‘Santa’s Workshop’
level to slice fruit in.  It’s certainly
festive of them, and the accompanying trailer supports that, with a heart-warming
‘thanks for a great year’ message at the end.

if you’re looking for a video game to entertain the family this holiday
season and have a Kinect-equipped 360, why not convince your parents,
grandparents and other assorted family members to give Fruit Ninja Kinect a go?  It
certainly seems like a good way to work off the extra inches that Christmas
turkey will add on to your waistline…


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