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Christopher Nolan reveals post-“Dark Knight Rises” project

In all honesty, what Christopher Nolan is doing after The Dark Knight Rises is always interesting to know, but not exactly at the forefront of anyone's mind with the director's final addition to the "Batman" canon still casting. Still, Vulture wants everyone to know that Nolan has expressed interest in his future, post-“Batman” project and it turns out he is looking to get a previous aspiration taken off the shelf and back into production: a biopic focusing on legendary figure Howard Hughes.

Nolan’s film plans for the influential billionaire-turned-hermit go back to 2004, when the project was ultimately put on shelf due to Martin Scorsese’s film The Aviator (starring Nolan’s Inception star Leonardo DiCaprio) beat it to the punch. Thankfully, this did give Nolan the time to turn his attention to the “Batman” franchise. Now that his adventures with the Caped Crusader are ending and The Aviator is in everyone's rear-view mirror, the filmmaker hopes to get his take on Hughes shot in late 2012 for a 2014 release.
Aside from two different directors with two very distinct styles, what looks to set Nolan’s Hughes film apart is the time period that the script is likely to be based on. While Scorsese’s film was influenced by Charles Higham’s biography Howard Hughes: The Secret Life and focused on the early years of Hughes' life up to 1947, Vulture notes that Nolan’s film would be based on Michael Drosnin’s Citizen Hughes: The Power, the Money and the Madness (largely influenced by Hughes’ private notes found in 1975) and would focus on the latter decades of Hughes secretive life, namely the crazy naked OCD stuff.

Despite the proposed project being based on a real figure in history, one cannot expect Nolan to stick completely to reality when dealing with the psychology of Hughes’ in his final years. What can (hopefully) be expected is a mind-twisting descent into some sort of madness which only a cerebral director like Nolan could bring to the masses.

For now though bring on any and all news regarding The Dark Knight Rises.


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