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Christopher Nolan Says Quote About End-Credits Scenes Is ‘Inaccurate’

Earlier in the week, director Christopher Nolan had been making the rounds, promoting his new mind-bending epic Interstellar to the press. But it was not all discussions of wormholes and dark space when news broke that the director had previously made a comment regarding post-credit scenes in superhero blockbusters.

After he wrapped on The Dark Knight Rises, Nolan became a producer on last year’s divisive DC Cinematic Universe kick-off Man of Steel. But thanks to a new story written by the Guardian a few morsels of intel were discovered about the Superman flick. Apparently Warner Bros. asked director Zack Snyder if he would add a “comedy coda ending, in the style of Marvel.” Nolan’s opinion on the studio’s big ask? “A real movie wouldn’t do that.”


But now in response to the Guardian‘s report, Nolan himself has disputed the claim of his disdain towards end-credits teasers, according to Entertainment Weekly. He released the following statement as clarification:

“I would never say someone else’s film isn’t ‘a real film.’ The quote is inaccurate.”

But I still wouldn’t hold my breath on a post-credits teaser for Interstellar.

Interstellar releases wide this Friday, November 7th.

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