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Chuck: Chuck vs. First Class

Chuck solo's in his first mission on a plane to Paris. We learn some pretty important information about Daniel Shaw. There is insurgent activity among the Buy More crew and Morgan brings Casey in to put down the uprising.

What a wonderful episode. Just when you expect a little bit of a letdown after some really excellent episodes and you might have thought the direction the show is going in was questionable here comes a truly inspired storyline.

We have two major stories happening which have long term effects on the main characters. First after seeming to be critical of Chuck new boss Daniel Shaw sends him on his first solo mission. Back at the Buy More, Morgan is getting constant grief from the Buy More crew. He has to find a way to get control of the store.

One of the significant things that happens in this episode other than Chuck soloing is a new character Chuck befriends on the plane. We meet Hannah played by Kristin Kreuk. She happens to be a computer hardware whiz who just lost her job and is heading to Paris to close out her office. Does this seem too convenient to anyone else. I think we are going to see her for a while. My thoughts are she is either a love interest for Chuck or she is an Agent of some kind, but for who will have to wait and see.

Chucks mission turns out to be pretty cool and how everyone handles their piece of it was very interesting. Sarah has got some skills we really didn't know about.

Casey goes out of his way to help Morgan and you had to love the results of his undercover work. Morgan in the machine was a hoot. How great was that? This story should still be a lot of fun going forward as well.

Overall an excellent story and the acting was superb. Very entertaining with some funny moments and plenty of actions and twists to the plot. I think this show really has hit its high note in this third season. Thanks for reading...

Jeffery Yarter
The Lizardman


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