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Chuck: Chuck vs. Operation Awesome

When Awesome is taken by the Ring, Chuck goes crazy worrying about him. Sydney Price a member of the Ring has him and ended up mistaking Awesome for Chuck. A new character is introduced to the group as well and in the end Chuck must save Awesome.

This episode was really hyped by the tremendous episode last week and the coming attractions for this week. Overall I think it disappoints, but I do believe it shows us some positive stuff for the coming season.

Chuck feels responsible for Awesome and in the end he feels it's specifically him that must save him. A new member working with the team is introduced, Daniel Shaw played by Brandon Routh. It seems by the end of the episode even Brandon may be hiding personal things about himself.

Angie Harmon plays Sydney Price. Other than a fight with Sarah near the end we really don't see that much of her. A little menacing of Awesome, some shots from a car, and then the final scenes with Chuck. Too bad, she's an entertaining actress. I really expected more of a part.

The Buy More took center stage and had its own Fight Club going on for at least a while. The car battery on the metal fence was very funny. Also the whole concept was clever in general. I especially liked Morgan putting down the uprising at the end. He really is getting to be a mature young man.

Very nice final scene with the whole "family" getting together. Poor Casey, Ellie is never going to trust him and he doesn't even know why!

Entertaining, but just not up to the hype the show generated. May have been slightly better than I rated, but gets a little more of a drop becasue of the last episode and expectations. Thanks for reading...

Jeffery Yarter
The Lizardman


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