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Chuck: Chuck vs. The American Hero

After last weeks slump, the show picks right up again, delivering another brilliant installment of action, spying, heroism, romance and comedy. AND with a surprising twist near the end!

What can I say - there were so many things to love about this episode!

The guys coming together to help Chuck win back the love of his life - with everything from sound, practical moves to sheer stupidity.
Ellie, telling Chuck to go out there and be a Bartowski! :D

Chuck, finally owning up to his feelings, being a man, and being a real hero. 

Casey, going against all his own instincts for the chance to save Chuck and Sarah's relationship.

Sarah, finally having a smile on her face again - if only for a short minute.

And the twist in the plot, which at least sorts out the whole "but what about Sarah-Shaw?" conundrum. ;)

To flesh out a couple of the points: I loved seing the new, more mature Chuck. The one who was willing to risk his life to make Sarah happy - even if it was with someone else. The one who was willing to state out loud what they've been dancing around for so long. And the one who was willing to take a chance, risk it all - for love. Zach is a very good actor, and so right for this kind of role - the portrayal of overgrown boy growing into a man has been an interesting one to watch over these three seasons, and has produced more than one crowning moment of heartwarming. :)

Casey's soft spot for his two (former) partners is really touching to watch - he may growl and grumble, but in the end he takes a personal risk on the off chance that it will do some good. And the look on his face when he realizes that it DID, is one of those few, unguarded moments of emotion that occasionally slips out from under his iron control. :D

Other gold nuggets of comic relief - Jeff's über stalking skills, and Chuck's praise of same.

And Morgan vs. Captain Awesome in the "secret agent"/clever ideas department - I have to say Morgan won, hands down. :D

I'm happy to say I'm back on track with not being able to wait for the next episode in an increasingly brilliant season!



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