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Chuck: Chuck vs. The Mask

Chuck goes on his first mission with Hannah along. Daniel and Sarah aren't getting along. Hannah reveals she took the job at Buy More because she's fallen for Chuck. Morgan and Ellie are still trying to figure out what Chuck is up too. Casey is Casey!

**** Major Spoilers *****

I am going to talk about spoilers as I really don't believe anything I'm seeing in this episode. Have they been putting Sarah and Chuck together for two plus seasons just to have Sarah and Chuck end up with someone else? Are we going to spend the rest of the season with Chuck doing stupid stuff to Hannah and not being able to tell her now. How many times is Morgan's little heart going to be broken? Isn't Sarah being together with Daniel the same as Sarah and Chuck being together from the spies don't get together standpoint? This all seems rather hypocritical.

Now don't get me wrong. I like Hannah played by Kristin Kreuk so I wouldn't mind them getting together, but what about Sarah? She still wants Chuck no matter what's happening otherwise. Why would she do this just to let Chuck go. In the end she wanted Chuck over Bryce as well. Also now we're going to have to deal with Chuck and the Ellie reaction to all this!

The episode itself was fun with multiple plot lines all converging into people getting stuck in that vault, running out of Oxygen, and Chuck saving them. OK, that wasn't all that happen! The scene where Chuck and Hannah saved the day was great. Also the scene where Hannah spilled her feelings as well was pretty cool. Then Chuck had to go off and steal the mask and leave her to fix the mess. It's always something.

Casey was his usual stoic self through all of this. Adam Baldwin is a great actor and hopefully not under-appreciated for his wonderful work.

An OK episode with a lot of questions about where this story is going. I for one really am wondering what will happen. Now we just have to wait a month through the Olympics to find out! Bummer! Thanks for reading...

Jeffery Yarter
The Lizardman


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