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Chuck: Chuck vs. the Other Guy

Chuck uses a tactical force to save Sarah when he thinks Shaw is going to kill her. Like the boy who cries wolf, he does this until no one but Casey and Morgan will listen. So the three of them act before it's too late.

***** Major Spoilers *****

Finally a show that's got the guts to follow through on its promised relationship. It took it two and a half seasons, but the storyline was going downhill fast before this. OK, we knew Casey would be back. We knew Sarah wasn't going with Shaw. I think anyone really hooked on the show knew that this was an eventuality. The other twists were finally quite good even though they may have drawn it out too long.

I'm fine with this as long as they don't keep wimping out back and forth. Now we can move forward with the action and romance at the same time. Casey's back with a vengeance and the comedic level of things just went up about 10% with the inclusion of Morgan. We can see the whole cast back in action again. It looks like we're going to see a trip to Africa in our hero's futures as well.

What a wonderful episode full of twists and turns. Just when you thought they had lost it, BAM! they bring you back in. Hopefully the three week layoff will not hurt the show and enough people hung on for word of mouth to bring people back to the show.

I never liked the Shaw character. He reminded me too much of the Matt Bomer character who was Sarah's old partner and Chuck's friend from college. Sort of a distraction to keep you from the real story and what is going on. A true catalyst if you've ever seen one. Let's hope this brings those casual viewers back to watch Chuck and keep it on for another season.

Now let's see if shows like Bones or Castle ever have the guts to do this as well. Of course neither of those shows are really bubble shows, but you can hope they eventually will get their people together for real. After everything they go through, they and we deserve it! Thanks for reading...

Jeffery Yarter
The Lizardman


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