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Cillian Murphy will be “I’m.mortal”

Inception star and Golden Globe nominee Cillian Murphy is set to star in the upcoming science-fiction flick I’m.mortal alongside Amanda Seyfried and Justin Timberlake. The story takes place in a near-future where humans are immortal and time has become currency due to overpopulation scares. According to The Hollywood Reporter’s Heat Vision Blog, Murphy will play a member of the organization Timekeepers who is “precise as the time he keeps”. The film is set to begin production sometime this September.

Murphy made his film debut in 1997’s Quando. Since then he has been able to maintain a stable and enviable career while simultaneously staying out of the limelight. Seyfried is an amazing talent who is poised to deservingly stay in Hollywood for quite some time, while Timberlake is a superstar who shouldn’t have too much trouble (if any) making it in the film industry. Murphy working with both of them marks a significant change for the actor. It could easily be argued that with its pun-intended title and lead stars that the film is a teen/young adult-oriented affair. Murphy isn’t exactly a stranger to films of that nature, but let’s hope that this isn’t signaling a downfall in his filmography.


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