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Cinequest 2018: Love is in the Air

"Check out the lineup of love at this years Cinequest Film & VR Festival"
To all the lovebirds out there, Valentine's Day is here! Depending on who you are, you are either giddily excited at the prospect of flowers and chocolate from that special someone, or you are like Ebenezer Scrooge when it comes to the day and just flat out dismiss it. Or, you might lock yourself up at home with some ice cream and Netflix. Wherever you fall on the spectrum, should you be thinking about what fun things to get into, be it to celebrate love or just for the love of movies, the Cinequest Film & VR Festival is right around the corner and might be worth a look into, particularly if you're thinking about the tried and true dinner and a movie situation for date night. Here are a list of flicks to get your Valentine vibes on. Special thanks goes to Ms. Dana Whitney at Cinequest for providing the details. Check these out:  
All the Reasons to Forget (US premiere) Director: Pedro Coutinho; Country: Brazil; Genre: Comedy After a long-term relationship breaks up, Antônio has no doubts he will quickly get over Sofia, his ex-girlfriend, but nothing is as simple as it seems, actually, it never is...
Peaches (Melocotones) (US premiere)
Director: Hector Valdez; Country: Dominican Republic; Genre: Sci-Fi
When Diego's girlfriend decides to leave him after a disastrous anniversary getaway, he will find any means possible to amend or fix what happened. Even if it means competing with different versions of himself when traveling through time.
Souls of Totality (World premiere)
Director: Richard Raymond; Country: United States
Starring Tatiana Maslany and Tom Cullen, Souls of Totality is about the sacrifices we make, the things we don’t say, and love’s supernatural ability to conquer all. Guy 3 and Lady 18 have a secret. They are members of a cult which believes that during the Great American Eclipse their recently deceased souls will be taken to paradise via an astral gate only open during a total eclipse. But that’s not the secret… They are also profoundly in love.
Status Pending (US premiere) Director: Ben Zolno; Country: New Zealand; Genre: Comedy Lizzie Conley is a social-media obsessed baker living in New Zealand who has spent the past six months dating her Tinder match, Ryan. While Ryan wants more from the relationship, Lizzie wants to keep her options open. You Can’t Say No (World premiere) Director: Paul Kramer; Country: United States; Genre: Drama, Comedy Starring the legendary Peter Fonda (Easy Rider), Marguerite Moreau (Wet Hot American Summer), and Hamish Linklater (Fargo), a glowing romantic comedy about how it takes divorce to understand the person you married.
Tickets for these films as well as festival passes, and the full program of Cinequest screenings, special events, VR experiences and more can be purchased at: www.cinequest.org. Cinequest begins in earnest Tuesday, February, 27th. Get ready to experience some love at the movies!


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