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Cirque du Natal

E3 is just a month away, and most of us (and probably you) can't wait! In only a month everything we know will be reset, and the industry we all love so mush will be at its yearly peak. There will be news, there will be announcements, and there will be things we will see that will change the face of what we know about gaming. Yes, E3 is a magical time. Hopefully this year we can get good looks at some of the great games, and hardware coming out in the coming months.

This year Microsoft plans on showing off their newest toy for all the Xbox 360 owners, Natal. If you don't know what Natal is you probably have been living under a rock, or you really just don't care about video games. In short, it is Microsoft's attempt to reach a broader audience by allegedly making games that remove the need for a controller. This is being done by the super smart camera and hardware found in the Natal hardware. Will it change gaming as we know it? Probably not, but I'll pass my judgement when I get my hands on one. 

So this year Microsoft's big pre-E3 announcement party will once again feature a world announcement of the workings, and maybe a solid release date on Natal on MTV on June 13th. And how do you make things bigger, and more awesome than that? Why invite Cirque du Soleil to the party! Because when I think advanced motion sensing hardware... I think Cirque du Soleil. While I admit that it's a little strange, but it is exactly what you'd want at a big party like this. An event like this is for fun; not for flow charts and graphs. That's what E3 press conferences are for.


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