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City Of Heroes Announces New Animal Pack

City of heroes is still going strong after almost seven years on the market.  In addition to the game’s two expansion pack; City of Villains and Going Rogue, they also sell “Booster Packs” which provide players with premium costumes, powers and animations based on certain specific Comic Book themes like Cyborgs, Mutants and Martial Arts.  Today they announced their latest Pack: Animals.

Paragon City is already overrun with catgirls, and werewolves, but the new pack takes this to the next level by providing additional animal themes, like eagles, minotaurs, while enhancing the current options of cat and wolf.  The new features include over 60 new animal parts and patterns, 6 emotes (Including the popular “Costume Change Emotes” introduced a while ago), and two new “auras”, one of which will let your mangy hairball appear to have fleas

Coh players will be interested in the new “Beast Run” power which makes your avatar run on all fours, but will probably also provide the tangible bonus of extra speed and jumping powers, much like the “Ninja Run” power that could be bought with the Martial Arts Booster last year. 

It comes out on February the 23rd, and will cost $8.99 of real-world money.  Armchair superheroes can see some footage of the Animal Pack in action below.


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