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City of Heroes Enters Seventh Year

Surviving for seven years quite a feat for an online game, and even World of Warcraft has yet to hit that mark.  But the world's first superhero MMO, City of Heroes celebrates that accomplishment today with a series of in-game events, sales on premium content, and free account reactivations for former members.

City of Heroes has several features that have helped it stick around this long; the character customization is the most extensive you'll find in any MMO, with constant new additions, both free and premium.  It was the first MMO to let players create and share their own user-generated content.  Plus it recently had a major expansion pack which overhauled the lower-levels of the game, while adding in significant graphical improvements to take advantage of modern computing power.

For their seventh Anniversary, the developer, Paragon Studios are starting with a half-off sale on "Booster Packs" which give players extra powers and costume options.  CoH fans will be interested in learning that the sale items include awesome powers like the Mission Teleporter in the Mac Pack, and the Jump Pack in the Good VS Evil Pack
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New players will definitely want to invest the $2.49 it costs to get the temporary 30-Day Jet Pack power, it will really help you get around the city until you get your "Travel Power" at level 14.  The final sale is the wedding pack if you want your hero to sport a tuxedo, or lacy dress.

Also part of the anniversary event is Reactivation Week.  From May 2nd through the 10th, former players who let their account slip, will get a free week of service.  It's a chance to have a look at all of the new updates, including the recent "Issue 20: Incarnates" update that adds in additional endgame content.

Also happening throughout May will be an invasion from the evil alternate universe.  If you haven't tried it yet, you can pick up the CoH Complete Collection at Gamestop, who have it on sale for $14.99 at the moment.  Current players can see the Booster Packs sale at the NC Soft Store.


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