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City of Heroes: Freedom Turns Franchise Free-to-Play

City of Heroes: Freedom has recently emerged from the original City of Heroes and its expansions, bringing the massively multiplayer online game into the new free-to-play age. Existing customers of the online game will continue in the free-to-play version as VIP members, while new players will come in as free players who have the usual limitations applied. VIP players unlock a large quantity of content and items not available to the free players, and a lot of new content is being put into a store to be bought with “Paragon Points” (400 per month of which are given to VIP players continuing their normal City of Heroes subscription). Paragon Points will be the currency purchased for items and content on the “Paragon Market”, the new cash shop.

All of this is also being released alongside a new “issue”, City of Heroes’ name for major patches. Issue 21: Convergence is set to add a large amount of content alongside the free-to-play change, adding both low and high level missions and stories for both new and existing players. It appears that City of Heroes: Freedom is set to launch later this year, and will automatically carry over any existing accounts as VIPs.


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