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City of Heroes Goes Olde Tyme With The Steampunk Booster Pack

NC Soft's electromagnetic entertainment programme, City of Heroes allows interested persons to masquerade as pulp-fiction heroes, and dime-novel adventurers on the new-fangled international compunet.  Now gaming enthusiasts who enjoy playing with electronic thinking machines can dress in a proper fashion with the new Steampunk Booster Pack.

A capital idea, and long overdue, I say!

Included with the boosterpack, is an automatic flying machine that allows the wearer to leap through the air by harnessing the power of steam!  Firearm enthusiasts will enjoy the state-of-the-art flintlock blunderbusses, and any hero can appreciate the two “Auras” to denote your status as an enforcer of the law.  Best of all is the inclusion of “The Latest In Pantaloons Swapping Technology”.  No detective, or costumed vigilante should be without such!

Of course the greatest problem with fighting ruffians in the streets is the immodest fashion one must wear to battle crime.  Fortunately lady crime-fighters no longer need clothe themselves like harlots and circus folk.  The Steampunk Booster pack also has over 60 pieces of fashionable-yet-practical garb for your heroine, including footwear, belts, legging, hairstyles, and corsets for that lady-like waistline.

This handsome collection of items and abilities can be purchased on June 1st from the NC Soft electronic store, or delivered to your door via telegram.


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