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City of Heroes On Sale at Direct 2 Drive

Direct2Drive has forgone the usual weekend sale this week, and instead has been offering “Daily Deals” on MMORPGs by publisher NC Soft.  Friday it was Aion, Saturday it was Guild Wars, and today (Sunday) they’re selling the City of Heroes: Going Rogue Complete Collection for $19.95, which is half off its usual price.

This edition includes everything that the wannabe internet superhero needs: the original City of Heroes, the City of Villains expansion pack, and the new Going Rogue expansion pack, which we quite enjoyedGoing Rogue cost $29.99 by itself just a couple of months ago, so this is quite the bargain for anyone interested in trying out CoH.  It’s also a good deal for CoH fans who just haven’t grabbed Going Rogue yet.  The Complete Collection also has some in-game items, and special powers which the hardcore CoH fans will enjoy, and it will credit your account with an additional month of playtime (That’s worth $15 right there).

This deal is only valid Sunday the 14th (And no doubt the morning if Monday the 15th), so act fast if you feel tempted. 
Given the trend we’ve seen on D2D this weekend, we just might see a Daily Deal on NC Soft’s other MMORPG, Lineage 2 on Monday.


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