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Clash of The Titans (1981) Review

In 1981, a great Ray Harryhausen special effects film came out that was a film to behold even to the gods. "Clash" was a great movie for its time. It had great actors: George Hamlin, Lawrence Olivia, Burgess Meredith, and Bond girl Ursula Andress. If you get real nit-picky with the movie, you won't like how it compares to Greek mythology. The audience at the time was still not use to the breathtaking way Harryhausen brought the creatures to life in his films. They had never seen anything like it. The one thing that was never understood was what the hell that little bird BoBo was about. They had this mechanical bird that Aphrodite gives Perseus to help him on his journey. It made no sense whatsoever. They say it was to be like his version of R2-D2 but also said the bird was developed before Lucas made R2-D2. It seems hard to grasp that "Clash" took five years to make since it does not look like what Lucas spent making Star Wars, which at the time was the most expensive film ever made. There are some facts that make no sense, but the movie is still worth checking out. This brings me to compare this with the new 2010 film. First this film was not released in 3-D. From what a lot of people have said about the new film, it should not have been released in 3-D either. In the '81 film, Perseus falls in love and gets the princess he saves from the Kraken, the big monster at the end of the film. In the new film it seems Perseus could care less about her and just wants to kill Hades for killing his family. He does get a girl, and its the Immortal Io. In the origina,l Perseus welcomes the gifts from the Gods namely his father Zeus. In the new one he wants nothing to do with the Gods and spits on their name every chance he gets. That little bird I mentioned before is picked up out of a box of trash and told that it's nothing important. The truth is Sam Worthington wanted nothing to do with the bird and was going to walk off the set if he had to work with the puppet any further. Most of the film follows the basic story of the 1981 film and the story of Perseus from Greek mythology. It is on DVD and was just re-released on Blu-ray. Fantastic bonus material and commentary accompany the film. The review of the new film is also posted on this site as well. Rating: 9/10


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