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“Clash of the Titans 2” moving full speed ahead

It is no secret that Warner Bros. had a box office hit in Clash of the Titans, which made more than $300 million domestically on a $125 million budget. So despite many poor reviews, news of a sequel isn’t too surprising either. The studio is making a huge push to get the film in the works before star Sam Worthington ends up in Pandora again for the next Avatar sequel, a film that would steal months upon months of his time. Three writers have been hired to get the job done and improve upon the original, according to THR's Heat Vision.

It appears Warner Bros. is aware "Clash" was a critical dud. This film will be shot in as opposed to converted to 3-D and some of the studio's most diverse and talented writers will be tackling the story and screenplay, of which there are no details. The first writer is Dan Mazeau, who has written treatments of un-filmed scripts The Flash and Johnny Quest. The second is David Leslie Johnson, who wrote The Orphan and Red Riding Hood, the upcoming Catherine Hardwicke film. The studio hopes the diverse experience will make "Clash 2" one-up its predecessor. The last writer is Greg Berlanti who was part of the Green Lantern team that WB has been really impressed with, asking them to move ahead on a "Lantern" sequel as well as a new script for a Flash movie.

Warner Bros. also wants to fill the director's chair as Leterrier does not want to direct the sequel. Apparently, they have been talking to directors nonstop, wanting to begin filming in January, according to the LA Times blog. That’s right: producers want to have all of the craft artists and actors that will be involved, not to mention a director, within the next six months, all likely a result of getting Worthington on board before he goes back to James Cameron.

One of the directors being sought after is Jonathan Liebesman. Although he is perhaps best known for horror films The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning and Darkness Falls, he has recently finished the sci-fi action film Battle: Los Angeles which comes out next March and has impressed Sony/Columbia producers. He is also attached to direct an adaptation of Odysseus. Since Liebesman doesn’t have much industry experience, it is interesting to see the “Clash” producers seriously eyeing him to direct. 

If information is accurate about this production schedule, expect to see numerous casting and production updates for this sequel not much later than this fall.


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