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Classic Arcade Racer May be Getting the HD Treatment

HD remakes are growing in popularity and Sega may be looking to cash in on an arcade classic.  According to the the Australian government classification website, Daytona USA could be making a comeback.  It is possible that Sega is planning a reboot of the franchise, but with the popularity of HD remakes growing coupled with the low project overhead, it seems to reason they will give it a Hi-Def facelift. 

At the time, these damage models were ace.

Daytona USA gobbled up many a dollar during its reign in arcades and bars across the world.  One of the first racing games utilizing the (at that time mega) Model 2 board, it captured the full contact aspect of stock car racing and delivered classic arcade physics.  An HD remake of Daytona USA would likely find its way to PSN and XBLA.  I expect the customary additions of online and leaderboards essential at this point and hope that Sega agree with me.  Granted this information is coming from the Australian government's site, it is highly unlikely the game would not be distributed worldwide.


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