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Cliff Bleszinski’s New Project is a PC Arena Shooter called BlueStreak

Love him or hate him, Cliff Bleszinski is a big name in the video game industry and after recently coming out of early retirement we now know more about what his next project will be. Boss Key Games, a new studio he has founded will be working alongside Nexon to publish a free to play Sci-Fi PC arena shooter code named BlueStreak. After a tease last week, the news comes alongside Cliff announcing he will be answering questions on this project tomorrow.

Cliff is most well known for his work on both Unreal Tournament and the Gears of War trilogy before taking a short break from making games. Now he's back and seems more motivated than ever before. While arena shooters are pretty outdated nowadays with the rise of other genres such as MOBAs, hopefully Cliff can add something new to the table as he did previously in his work within the genre. It seems development is at an extremely early stage right now without even a screenshot to look at, but expect more details for this one to arrive over the coming months.


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