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Clooney set to replace Downey Jr. in “Gravity”

Alfonso Cuaron’s long in-development project suffered a setback when its male lead, Robert Downey Jr., dropped out of the project. Now, Deadline reports that George Clooney has been confirmed to replace Downey Jr. and play opposite Sandra Bullock in the 3-D sci-fi film Gravity.

Clooney will play an unnamed leader of a space station alongside Bullock’s character. When the two of them are out on a mission, they return to find their space station destroyed, a result of flying debris stemming from an asteroid. Marooned with no clear path home, Bullock (who is meant to be the lead of the film) sets out to find a way back home to her family on Earth. Clooney’s character and his intentions remain unknown.

The crew hopes to get the ball rolling into production by April, no later than May. One would imagine Clooney’s upcoming film The Ides of March, which he will direct and star in alongside Ryan Gosling, will not hinder his ability to work on Gravity, a project with a history of delays and setbacks. Still, with Clooney onboard, some studio heads have to be very happy, so the likelihood that things will move forward are high.


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