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Club Nintendo Shutting Down

"This may be a good thing."
After six years, Club Nintendo is shutting down.
Confirmed by Nintendo of America, Europe, Japan and Australia, after this June, the rewards site will be discontinued and you will be unable to redeem vouchers for coins or receive rewards.
Nintendo won’t leave everyone out of the cold however, since every member will receive a free copy of a game we have heard nothing about for the longest time, Flipnote Studio 3D. Also for those with excess coins, Nintendo will put new physical rewards next month, so redeem everything you have soon.
This may be good news as well since Nintendo also announced a new rewards program that will be launching later this year. The site, especially America’s, hasn’t been the best program since people were denied freebies or that certain territories got things that’s impossible to get in others, so perhaps this is part of Nintendo’s plan to expand the Nintendo Network and include something more embedded into it.


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