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Code Veronica X HD Dated and Discounted for Plus Members

Resident Evil 4 HD was released this week with a mixed response, and Resident Evil Code Veronica X HD is coming out next week.

While RE4 is still highly appreciated for what it accomplished last generation, being arguably one of the most significant games of that era as it defined the over the shoulder 3rd person shooter just as Gears of War evolved the genre further with cover mechanics in this generation, Capcom could have definitely put more time and work into the re-release, given how much they decided to charge for it.  Nonetheless, it is selling quite well to anyone who missed it the first time around or who, for whatever reason, wishes to play it again in its new iteration. It will be interesting if Code Veronica X HD gets the same amount of attention given it was always regarded as one of the lesser titles in the long running horror series.

There is a bonus for anyone who plans to buy it next week on PSN and happens to have Plus membership as it will be 50% off for those who do.  The game is out on Tuesday the 27th.

source: Playstation Blog.


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