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CodeBreakers #3 – Review

Foster's mysterious past with Remy, Stan's captor is finally revealed. Lindsay hacks the C.I.A.'s computers to find information on Remy a.k.a. The Information Broker. In doing so she stumbles upon a transcript testimony from a young undercover agent hired to write a code for him. It details his experiences with Remy and his wife, Ella. The young agent stayed at Remy's house and wrote code day in and day out while studying the business. The longer he stayed the more code he wrote, and the more in love he became with Ella.

After capturing a C.I.A. agent, Remy gives the undercover agent a final test. He and the undercover agent brutally torture the man as he describes his family. In the end Remy gets his code but losses everything else. The C.I.A. raids his warehouse forcing the Information Broker to detonate explosives planted inside. Worse still, Ella, hangs herself out of fear of continuing to live with Remy. The undercover agent turns out to be Foster.


Foster heads back to the house he stayed in with Remy, knowing Stan will be there. Lindsay and Whiteweather continue their deal with the devil. They've joined forces with the wife of a mob boss and in exchange will "lose" the evidence they've compiled against her husband. They discover Remy's location and mount up a posse to track him down. Stan on the other hand, finds himself solving a code that is an endless loop. Even after one of Remy's thugs offers to set him free, Stan refuses to stop working on the code.

Codebreakers continues to be an action packed story. Carrey Malloy structures the story to balance each person's narrative while sprinkling in Foster and Remy's origin. Never does it feel as if the story is staying too long with one character, it's actually quite the opposite. The story continues to push forward never giving the reader a break. The issue leaves the story on not one, but two cliffhangers giving any TV show a run for its money when it comes to drama.

Artistically Scott Godlewski somehow manages to grow as an artist. The grainy 80's style used for the transcript flashbacks makes them easy to recognize and follow. While other things like Stan using his brain to crack the code are represented with floating algorithms that make the scene interesting to read. It's very intriguing to see an artist develop from the first issue so quickly, but Godlewski manages to do it.

If you've been following the series then this is a no brainer to pick up. It continues the great story set up in the first issue and adds drama to it. As I've stated before this comic is more like a TV show and this issue reads like a season finale, leaving the reader sitting on the edge of their seat waiting for its return. Even though this series only has one issue left, I sincerely hope that they have the next chapter ready to go upon the mini's conclusion.

Overall Score - 9.5/10 




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