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Codebreakers #4 – Review

There's really no such thing as a happy ending, but there is such a thing as a good ending. Perhaps that's too little of a compliment for this book, which actually has a marvelous ending to a fantastic series. From the very beginning, Codebreakers, has taken its cast of characters to hell and back. Each character has suffered in some way, shape or form throughout the course of the title, which has made them easy to grow attached to.

This issue picks up with the explosion in the warehouse set off by Remy. Lindsay rushes into the flames to try and find Whiteweather who was caught in the blast. Her attempts to find him are unsuccessful as an FBI agent quickly removes her. As she waits outside for news about her comrade, Remy approaches her and takes her hostage.

https://www.entertainmentfuse.com/images/Codebreakers_04_CVRA.jpgThe story turns over to Stan holding a gun on Foster. Stan isn't in his right mind from the lack of sleep and torture he's suffered and ultimately shoots Foster in the side. For some reason this snaps Stan out of his trance, as Foster informs him that he's here to free him. Foster is one step behind Remy, but knows his mind well enough to understand that Lindsay is his true target. Foster then uses Stan's affection for Lindsay to assist him in rescuing her from Remy. That is until they get close enough for Foster to launch a rescue of his own. He leaves Stan handcuffed to the stolen car and a tip called into the FBI.

Back at Remy's old home, he explains that he understands Lindsay's gift to read people and that he wants her to figure out Foster's secret for him. Remy hasn't the slightest clue as to what it could be, but he knows that Lindsay could figure it out. Too bad Foster has finally caught up to them and puts an end to Remy's control of the situation with a bullet in the arm. Foster wants to finish him off but Remy explains that he'd trade information for amnesty with his boss and that they're expecting an arrest... not a murder. Foster must decide whether to pursue justice or revenge.

The final issue of the series is as phenomenal as the first three. Carry Malloy writes a dramatic story that is full of real world consequences. It's truly a breath of fresh air for the world of comics to have a book be so consistently good. The characters do not make it out of the story un-harmed, but that's what makes the story so good. He actually dislikes the state they're left in, but there's no other choice for them. Malloy almost wraps up every loose end with the exception of the mob family, but really that's the only one and not even a big deal.

The art remains dramatic and detailed from beginning to end. Artist Scott Godewski was the perfect fit for the series and without him it wouldn't have worked. His style fits the crime/genius genre the story falls into as he leaves his mark for others to follow. Godewski continues to be an amazing visual storyteller as each panel feeds to the next effortlessly. The final art product is of fantastic quality to match a wonderful story.

If you missed Boom!'s heart-racing drama about numbers and spies, then do yourself a favor and track down the issues. This is definitely not a series you want to miss. With the story concluded it's my biggest hope that Boom! is able to turn it into a monthly series with an altered cast of character and a brand new storyline. Make sure to ask for the title by name at your local comic shop so they can order up a copy for you.

Overall Score - 9.3/10




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