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Codemasters is buying Evolution Studios

"Introducing the largest racing gaming company in the world."
[caption id="attachment_81986" align="alignnone" width="620"]From the Codemasters website. From the Codemasters website.[/caption] Codemasters, the creators of the DIRT series, is buying out Evolution Studios. The news comes as Sony’s decision to close the racing game studio responsible for DriveClub and Motorstorm. Codemasters Chief Executive had this to say about the coming buy out: “The addition of the Evolution team to our studio group will allow us to scale our business and strengthen our leadership as the world’s premier racing game developer. I’m thrilled to have Mick Hocking join Codemasters as VP of product development. His experience in building triple-A IP and leading great teams made him a natural choice to head the development of all of our products. I am equally thrilled to welcome his talented team to the Codemasters family and I look forward to the great games and brand new IP we will develop together.” With this move Codemasters is now “the world’s largest racing-focused games company.” Codemasters and Evolution studios are both UK based companies and are responsible for a slate of popular racing games. The buzz from the Codemasters team is looking very positive on the prospect of Evolution joining them. So there you are, racing fans, Codemasters has something special coming down the pipe for you. Codemasters is set to celebrate it's 30th anniversary this year.


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