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Colton Haynes Returns to Arrow

Colton Haynes announced via Twitter that he will be returning as Roy Harper in an upcoming season 4 episode of Arrow. Executive producer Marc Guggenheim says it was always their intention to have him return after he left last season. It was only a matter of finding the right storyline to pull it off. Haynes will be back in episode 412 and it’s sure to be a reunion worth waiting for, according to TVLine. coltonhaynestweet The last time we saw Roy, he pretended to be The Arrow and then faked his death before leaving Starling City. Thea, his ex-girlfriend, tracked him down with hopes of being reunited, but Roy encouraged her to find her own path. He also left his Arsenal super suit behind as a gift. The exact details of Roy's return has yet to be revealed, but it has been teased that his reappearance could cause some consequences for Thea’s new relationship with Oliver’s campaign adviser. Episode 4.12 will air early next year. Tune in to see how Roy’s return will shake up things on Arrow. Are you excited to see Colton Haynes reprise his role as Roy?


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